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Year 2

Science - Materials

In science this term we have been investigating materials. We have looked at the properties of materials to help batman decide how to make a super cape.

D.T - Cooking and Nutrition

In D.T this term as part of our Survival Learning Challenge we made healthy kebabs for Steve Backshall and pizzas for Traction Man. We learnt about making healthy choices and which foods we need to eat as part of a balanced diet.

You can see some of our fantastic pizzas below. They were delicious!

Our Survival Wow Day

We had a fantastic Survival Wow Day at the end of our first week. We started the day with a talk about Survival and tried some bush tucker food, the mud worms were yummy. We then spent the rest of our day on the Infant Site where we built dens, cleaned water, solved problems and we even toasted marshmallows around the fire pit.

In September we moved into our new classrooms. They're located on the Junior School site and we're really enjoying our new learning space.
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