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Year 2

Maths - Division

This week we have been learning how to solve division problems using different strategies. First we learnt how to share numbers into equal groups, then we used the strategy of putting objects 'in groups of...'. With both strategies we know that there must be the SAME number in each group! Here are some examples of our practical work. 

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WOW Day!

Last week, we kicked off our topic - Marvellous Mexico - with a WOW day all about the Mayans. We discovered which parts of Mexico and Central America the Mayans lived, and learnt about their culture and beliefs. Did you know they had over 190 Gods?! We tried traditional Mayan food and drink including tortillas, guacamole, chocolate chicken and spicy hot chocolate, and even played a game of pok-ta-pok. We learnt that the most important Mayans had the biggest headdresses, and made some of our own. Can you see who is the most important in each class?

Term 3

This term our topic focus will be Marvellous Mexico.  We will learn about the native Maya that live there, and find out about how the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes, changed the future of the country. We will also look at the country's landscape and compare it to our own. In Science we will be identifying everyday materials and thinking about their properties and uses.  Find out more about our activities this term from our overview below.


On the 12th December all the Year 2 children were treated to a special event at All Saints' Church. 

What was your favourite part of 'Through The Keyhole'?



'I loved all of it.' , 'It was the best, ever.' , 'I liked every minute in the church.'

5% - Baby Jesus

'He was a real baby, but not the real Jesus. 'His mummy was holding him for real but she wasn't Mary ... was she?' 'I made Jesus smile.'

5% - The stable & Inkeeper

'The shepherd made me jump, he was right there but I didn't see him.', 'There was a real King and he was like a giant.' 'The shepherd told us that there was a bright light from an angel, it was a message from Heaven.' 'I know he wasn't a real Inkeeper because he comes to our school for 'Open The Book, I seen him before.' 'The Inkeeper was very helpful because he showed us where Jesus was.'


5% - The 'people who showed us everything.'

'She was very nice to us and kind too.' 'He knew everything about all of it.' 'They made sure everyone got to say something and got their gifts at each place.'

5% - The biscuits and windows

'I think my biscuit will be delicious because she gave me lots of sprinkles to go on my icing.' 'Did you know the biscuit was like a keyhole, it was, like the keyhole we detected through, you know.' 'If you put your window up it will  shine like the ones in the church.'


WOW Day - Famous people from History

As part of their homework, the children were challenged to research a famous person from History and come to school dressed as that person. All children made a great effort and we had a super day sharing all our Historical knowledge. Can you work out who we are?

Term 2

This term our topic focus will be Exploring History.  We will be thinking about significant events from the past including The Gunpowder plot and The Great Fire of London, and discover how they impacted how we live our lives today. We will continue to think about animals and their habitats in Science, and learn more about their diet.  Find out more about our activities this term from our overview below.

WOW Day - Survival

To kick off our first topic, Year 2 spent the day learning how to Survive in the woods. We had great fun exploring activities such as cleaning water and building shelters. Check out our photos to see more from our day.

Term 1

This term we will be learning all about what living things need to Survive. We will be thinking about how humans and animals grow and change and how we can stay healthy and keep ourselves safe. Find out more about our activities this term from our overview below.

‘Laughing, Learning, Caring and Succeeding For Life’