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Year One & Two mixed classes - Holly, Rowan and Pine

Welcome to Holly, Rowan and Pine Class


The Year 1 and 2 Mixed Classes Teaching Team is:


Holly Class

Rowan Class

Pine Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Gauntlett and Mrs King


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs James and Miss Hodgman

Class Teacher: Miss Cossey


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Ackland,

Miss Barnett (Monday and Tuesday) and

Mrs Elbrow (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


Class Teachers: Mrs Gidlow and Mrs Stepp


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Birmingham,

Miss Eadie (Monday – Thursday)



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Science Day 

We were all so excited for science day and had lots and lots of practical exploring to do. First we found out there are so many types of scientists, from botanists to zoologists and they study science all over the world and from years ago, to today. We talked about the importance of science as part of the COP26 conference, and all the children had super ideas on ways we can do our bit to help the planet. We made posters with our footprints to display at home and school.

From a set of clues, we discovered Rachel Carson was a biologist who studied the oceans and made important discoveries about food chains and how chemicals were entering our seas. We tested how this could happen and agreed that we must keep our oceans clean to protect all the wonderful creatures.

Later, we had fun finding out how to make eggs float in salty water! And used our 'dark investigating areas' to explore shadows.

What a lot in one day" - science is so much fun.

Amazing Maths!

This week we have been working our brains hard!  We have started to use the 'part whole' method when looking at numbers.  We take a number (the whole) and then split it into different amounts (parts).  E.g. 6 can be split into 4 and 2.  We did this in different ways - by using counters, drawing circles and writing the numbers.

Dinosaurs everywhere!

We have been busy learning about dinosaurs in all areas of our day. Look closely and see the clay fossils we made, dough dinosaurs and even shape dinosaurs. One of our favourite activities has been using IPads to create different pictures by adding scales, tails, plates and claws. We were really good at exploring the different tools for effects and felt proud of our work.  As part of our Literacy we have been writing verbs for how a range of dinosaurs moved including flap, shake, charge, dive and pounce. We then used these to make a simple poem.  In maths we have been comparing numbers, and the crocodiles helped us eat the largest value, WATCH OUT BIG NUMBERS!  

We are Palaeontologists!

In science, we have been palaeontologists, special scientists who investigate dinosaur fossils. We had a letter from Professor Grigson from the Natural History Museum explaining that they needed our help as they were so busy. They asked us to investigate 'fossilised dinosaur poo' to find out whether the dinosaurs who made the poo were carnivore, herbivores or omnivores. We learnt that carnivores only eat meat from other animals, herbivores only eat plants and omnivores eat both meat and plants. We used tools and magnifying glasses to carefully pull the 'fossilised dinosaur poo' apart and look closely for clues. We found feathers, fur and bones in the carnivore's poo, sticks, seeds and leaves in the herbivore's poo and feathers, fur, bones, leaves and seeds in the omnivore's poo. 


It was great being palaeontologists investigating 'fossilised dinosaur poo' because we were just like Mary Anning, the world's first palaeontologist, who investigated round pebbles called bezoars and discovered they were actually fossilised dinosaur poo.

Term 1 - Dinosaur Surprise!

When we came into school one Monday we discovered a surprise! There were footprints on the playground, chairs and tables had been turned over and there was a large nest of twigs, feathers, ferns and leaves with a ginormous dinosaur egg with hazard warning tape. We watched carefully and waited for the egg to hatch. We wrote letters to the dinosaur asking questions about why they came to school and the dinosaur, Terry T-Rex, wrote a letter back to us.  It was very exciting!

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