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Year Two - Cherry, Maple and Willow

Welcome to Year 2

Cherry Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Baird – Year 2 Team Leader and Mrs Gauntlett

TA: Mrs James

Maple Class

Class Teacher: Miss Cossey

TA: Miss Barnett and Mrs Fillon-Payoux

Willow Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Gidlow and Mr Jones

TA: Miss Eadie

Design and Technology - Making Vehicles for Graham the Tortoise

This term in our Literacy work we are enjoying looking at the story of Olga Da Polga by Michael Bond. In the story Olga, a Guinea Pig, makes friends with other animals including a tortoise called Graham. The children had a challenge from Graham the tortoise to design and make a vehicle with wheels and axles so that he can get around a bit quicker and keep up with Olga Da Polga as he is fed up with getting left behind whilst she goes out on her adventures. Over the past few weeks we have investigated wheels and axles and how they work. We then created our own designs before making our vehicles. Here are some photos of the children in action as they cut and stuck collage materials, painted their boxes and used a hack saw to cut their dowel. The vehicles looked awesome and the children felt very proud of their efforts!

Survival Sessions in the Woods

Part of our science work this term has been learning about what animals, including humans, need to be able to survive. We learnt that all animals, including humans, need to keep warm; need water to stay hydrated; need nutrition from food; need air to breath and need shelter. Mr Jones led survival sessions in the woods with each Year 2 class so we could explore these things for survival. We helped Mr Jones clear the ground by the wind break so that we could sit safely on the floor. The wind break stopped the wind reducing the wind chill so we would not get so cold.


We also had fun doing activities to help clear our minds through mindfulness and we had a go at drumming using the logs we found in the woods. It was so much fun!


Maple Class Drumming in the Woods

Still image for this video

iPad art inspired by David Hockney

This term in our Computing and art work we have explored the artwork created by David Hockney using art apps on an iPad. We were very impressed with the pictures he created by observing the changing of the seasons and we noticed how he adds detail and texture to his work using dots, lines and colour. This inspired us to have a go at our own iPad art using 2Paint on the Purple Mash app. We took the iPads outside to the school field so we could observe how  our local area is changing as Autumn begins. Take a look at some of the amazing artwork we have produced showing Autumn at school.

Role Play based on Wild by Emily Hughes

This term we explored the book Wild by Emily Hughes about a girl who lives in the forest with the animals. We went outside and used role play to act out the scene where the girl is discovered by two people and a dog. We talked about how each of the characters might feel and what should happen next. The children recreated the scene brilliantly!

Real PE

This term in PE we have been using the Real PE scheme to help us develop our fundamental skills of co-ordination by travelling in different ways, balancing on one-leg and our personal skills where we had to keep going and not give up when things are tricky. We really enjoyed taking on the challenge and have been busy perfecting our skipping, galloping, hopping and doing hopscotch forwards and backwards first with one leading leg then alternating the leading leg. We worked hard and used our learning muscles brilliantly to help us - we were all like Raj the Robot not giving up and George the Giant growing and improving by reflecting on what was better and what we want to improve further.


We really enjoyed playing Extreme Rock Paper Scissors - this used our whole bodies not just our hands. For example for rock we would curl up small, paper we would make a wide shape and for scissors we would balance on one leg and lift our other leg up and down. We then started to use different ways to travel to move from different zones.

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